Seeing the radical life changes resulting from counseling and having a firsthand understanding of the eternal healing inherent in Christ’s love led Madeline to realize God’s purpose for her is to care for, listen to, and encourage those who are sufferingwhile providing support and comfort on their journeys to truth.

Madeline, who is completing a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Indiana Wesleyan Universityhas a particular interest in serving those who battle depression or cope with the daily challenges of living with autism or loving those who do. She also loves to help people who struggle to identify their purpose or reason to keep going feel seen, heard, and known as she guides them toward the hope they crave.Joining the Care to Change team allowed her to counsel others in an environment consistent with her values while being surrounded by other mental health professionals who can help her expand her knowledge and sharpen her skills.

The admitted extrovert finds energy when surrounded by family and friends, including her faith family at Ruah Church in Indianapolis. In her free time, you’re likely to find her reading, running, or digging deeply into topics that interest her.