Meet Kristi Easley

Our Client Care Coordinator’s journey to helping others find healing and freedom is rooted in her experiences with people who have felt broken, hopeless, and overwhelmed by the traumas life can bring. Kristi has also witnessed firsthand the love and grace God has given us, and hopes to be a light of compassion and understanding, as well as a listening ear, to those in need of help.

Several overseas mission trips have deepened Kristi’s concern for the plights of others and her determination to become a living example of Christ’s love, sharing joy and happiness. She is currently working on a degree in social work from Indiana Wesleyan University to professionalize her calling and commitment.

A member of Connection Pointe Christian Church, Kristi takes pleasure in removing life distractions and calling upon simplicity by surrounding herself with nature and silence. She enjoys time with her family, exercise to strengthen her body and mind, and the simple pleasure of listening to all kinds of music.