When we talk about mental health, it’s easy to forget for the brain to be healthy, the body also has to be working well. That’s why counselors often recommend people develop healthier habits such as better diets and regular physical exercise. Hope Notter enjoys helping people live healthier, more productive lives as part of their mental health journeys.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science (with a minor in psychology), Hope embarked on a career in occupational therapy and is currently working on her OT doctorate from Indiana University. She chose to join the Care to Change team because of our mission and Christ-centered focus. She believes our professionals are impacting lives for eternity as they seek the Lord in all things and want others to know Him more.

Hope was raised in a church family, the daughter of the Next Gen pastor at Connection Pointe Christian Church and the preschool director at Kingsway Christian School. She’s always lived an active life, and when she isn’t working or studying, you’ll probably find her outdoors, whether that’s hiking, swimming, or kayaking. She enjoys spending time with her younger sisters and friends, and especially with Max, her friendly Golden Retriever.