Do you feel stuck? Do specific thoughts keep swirling in your mind? Do you seem to have a mental block in achieving some goal? Struggle with an eating disorder, addiction, or troubling memory? These are just some of the ways EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can help.

Several Care to Change counselors have received special training and have extensive experience in this method that’s particularly effective at helping people heal from the symptoms and emotional distress resulting from disturbing life experiences.

Some studies show that 84%-90% of single-trauma victims no longer have post-traumatic stress disorder after only three 90-minute sessions. Another study, funded by the HMO Kaiser Permanente, found that 100% of the single-trauma victims and 77% of multiple trauma victims no longer were diagnosed with PTSD after only six 50-minute sessions. In another study, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD in 12 sessions.

There has been so much research on EMDR therapy that it is now recognized as an effective form of treatment for trauma and other disturbing experiences by organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization and the Department of Defense.

Given the worldwide recognition as an effective treatment of trauma, you can easily see how EMDR therapy would be effective in treating the “everyday” memories that are the reason people have low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, and all the myriad problems that bring them in for therapy.

If memories of past trauma are interfering with your ability to enjoy life and relationships, you may benefit from EMDR. Is it right for you? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your situation and determine whether EMDR may be the right way to help you put the past behind you.

To learn more about what you can expect from Care to Change, you can read our FAQs on our website.

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