We’ve heard it for years, and if anyone hadn’t been listening, the Great Resignation made it abundantly clear: people are a company’s most important asset.

Right now, though, that asset is in a delicate spot. As people recover from the many stresses of the pandemic, the nature of today’s workplace isn’t helping them feeling better. Workforces are stretched thinner than ever, forcing many of the people who haven’t opted to resign to work harder for more hours. That leads to burnout, which hurts retention, which puts more work on the people who stay — it has become a vicious cycle.

There’s a better way. When employers begin to focus on supporting their employees’ mental health needs, good things happen. People find more joy in their work and their lives, and become better at balancing the two. They get better at managing stress of all kinds and their relationships with co-workers and managers improve. There’s less conflict, less burnout, and greater productivity, so people are more likely to stick around, and new people are more willing to join the team.

Care to Change works with local employers to provide that kind of support. We can sit down with your leadership team to discuss your challenges and develop a practical, affordable plan for meeting those needs. We don’t have a magic single answer that fits every organization. Instead, we can customize our services to your employees’ needs and the nature of your operations. From lunch-and-learn sessions to discreet referrals for counseling, we’re ready to help you help your most important asset become even more valuable. Why not set a meeting with us today?

Danielle Huff is Care to Change’s human resource coordinator, and leads our care and celebration committee.

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