So she’s with someone she likes, and it’s … yeah, okay. He’s cute and fun and seems polite, but some things make you wonder if something just isn’t right.

Does he constantly demand her time and think her attention should be focused primarily on him? Does he get jealous when she’s doing anything that doesn’t involve him, like facetiming other friends or going to the movies with her bestie?

Does he seem to have a weird obsession with her phone, as in he wants to see it and know her passwords? Does he want her screen password already so he can check it when she’s out of the room? While they’re at it, they’d like to enable that handy app that pinpoints wherever your daughter’s phone — and she — may be.

And speaking of her friends, he doesn’t like her bff? Maybe they don’t like him? Maybe there’s just not time for both of them anymore?

Sure, you’ve talked about breaking up but you’re afraid they’ll kill themselves and it would be your fault. “I just can’t live without you in my life.” If that’s true, isn’t it odd they’ve actually fallen asleep while talking to you on the phone? At least twice and now you’re thinking maybe a couple more?

If your daughter is in a relationship that sounds anything like this – call us right away. We’ve  posted a podcast on the topic for a reference, and if you need help finding a way out of a toxic relationship, our counselors will be happy to guide you through the process and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as emailing, or clicking here.

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