Join April Bordeau, Director at Care to Change, and counselor, Jared Jones, as they discuss men and mental health. 

June is Men’s mental health awareness month, and we are taking a  deeper look into the topic of Men’s mental health.  Join us as we talk about  Men’s mental health and you or a loved one not walking alone in their mental health journey. 

Top 10 Things to do for your Man

1. Start with yourself (body, mind, spirit) – spiritual practices for the brain 

2. Stay in your yard – refrain from becoming his mom, manipulator (not his acctblty partner), or savior – 9 lies

3. Choose win win strategies in conflict – prepare enrich couple checklist – requires forgiveness (it’s not supposed to be this way)

4. Honor him in words and actions in front of him and behind his back. (Not text over conflict; not on social media, refrain from sarcasm, put downs, if only statements…)

5. Pray for him – power of a praying wife

6. Make him a priority – book -reconnecting – date him

7. Be his biggest cheerleader – after you say I do

8. Call out God’s best in him – compliment, recognize, remind him of his value – you and me forever

9. Use your strengths for the greater good – not as a weapon – (money/dating) 

10. Respect yourself with boundaries – boundaries in marriage


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