You may not know that family down the street well, but when you heard the father was being treated for some type of medical procedure, you jumped right in to help with the meal rotation and look after their other needs. We’re blessed that our communities are full of generous people who step up to help their neighbors through life’s rough patches.

Unfortunately, mental health needs aren’t as visible, so you may not know about that young mom next door who desperately seeks relief from panic attacks or night terrors, that teenage athlete who struggles with an eating disorder, or that older man whose overwhelming grief about his wife’s death keeps him locked in his home. They and many others would benefit from professional counseling, but their budget and insurance just won’t cover it.

You can help them and others get the support they need by sponsoring their services at Care to Change. We have established a partnership with the Indiana Family Institute to be able to give a tax deductible gift, investing in these families futures. You can give anonymously, knowing your generosity will help others in the community overcome their challenges and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Learn more about the ways you can support others on their mental health journey here … or contact us to discuss other ways you can help.

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