How can your company support your employee’s mental health? Here are 11 easy steps.

  1. Make discussing supports and self-care plans a standard part of the hiring/onboarding process.
  2. Provide access to mental health self-assessment tools for all employees.
  3. If your insurance plan excludes mental health services, create an optional employee mental health benefit.
  4. Provide free or subsidized lifestyle coaching, counseling, or self-management programs.
  5. Share useful mental health and support information such as brochures, fliers, and videos with employees.
  6. Help employees reduce stress by hosting educational sessions on topics such as anxiety and depression, or stress-management.
  7. Create and maintain dedicated, quiet spaces for relaxation/debriefing (especially after the company’s stressful seasons or events).
  8. Include mental health days within paid time off and incorporate mental health practices in team meetings, professional development, and daily interactions.
  9. Help managers recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and mental health struggles, so they’re better able to encourage team members to seek help from qualified mental health professionals.
  10. Include mental health practices in strategic planning and make it a regular discussion topic.
  11. Lead by example and prioritize strengthening your own mental health.

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