Teenagers have a lot more responsibilities and expectations to live up to, and their parents and teachers are generally not in the position to give them the same levels of guidance they required as younger children. If you are the parent of a teen who’s a highly sensitive person, listen as our director, April Bordeau, therapist, Jared Jones, and a high school student share for tips on how to handle various issues that your teen might be dealing with while helping him or her to grow toward adulthood.

If you notice these signs in your teen, he or she might be a highly sensitive person:

  • They are introverted – Most highly sensitive people tend to recharge when alone, and spending time with other people tends to drain them.
  • They are shy or socially anxious.
  • They deal with other forms of anxiety.
  • They tend to feel strong emotions.
  • They take it very hard when there’s a disagreement with a friend or when an adult is disappointed in them.
  • They intuitively read other people’s feelings.
  • They amplify feelings – If you are mildly irritated about something your teen has done, he or she might think that you’re furious.


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