Join us as Executive Director and CEO of Care to Change, April Bordeau, and therapist, Jared Jones, as they answer your questions and discuss practical solutions for positive change in parenting: anxiety, stress, school and arguing. 


Resources Referenced:  

Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions; Don’t Let ANTs Steal your Happiness, a kid’s book by  Dr. Amen 

Love and Respect in the Family Dr. Eggerich 

How Am I Smart; A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences,  by Dr. Kathy Koch

Mistakes that Worked by Charlotte Jones 

TBRI for Teachers 

Tips for Conflict with teens:

1.     Establish the fair fighting guidelines.

2.     Get on the same page with your spouse, partner or co-parent.

3.     Get the kids in separate rooms before you bring them together.

4.     Discipline to teach, rather than to punish. 

 5.    Model the fair fighting rules.

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